Monday, April 9, 2007

Christology 101

This question is directed more toward our Slavic brothers. I will be teaching Christology in the fall and am trying to figure out which Russian texts would be good to assign the students. Could a few of you recommend some solid texts that might be available beyond the standard chapters in the systematics? Unfortunately, I'm not fluent enough to read Russian in a timely manner so, it would need to be something that is also available in English. I'm not simply asking for a list of books that have been translated from English into Russian, rather, for books that address issues relevant to the Ukrainian culture and context. Your help here will be greatly appreciated.

As a motivator for discussion (since asking for book recommendations is not really a discussion initiator) what are the Christological issues that the Church faces here. Is there such a transcendent focus on Christ's divinity that He isn't seen as one of us. Or do they so emphasize His manhood that He is not thought of or related to as fully God? Because there are questions that have confronted the Church since Its early centuries, I will not accept that answer that these are "western" questions. Что вы думаете?

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Mark McD said...

Well, Eric, it may be just you and me for a bit. I don't know how to get in touch with the KCU guys. As for books from an Orthodox perspective, John Meyendorff has a book called Christ in Eastern Christian Thought. I also like Vladimir Lossky's discussion of the relationship between Chalcedon and the church in his Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church. As to the issues here, I would imagine that Christ is viewed as so high and exalted that he does not serve as a real example for the common person. Christ is savior and Lord, but not example.