Thursday, August 28, 2008

Creationism at This Point

The Sixth International Conference on Creationism was held August 3-7 in Pittsburgh, PA. This is probably the most significant regular gathering of creationist scientists in the world. Andrew Snelling with Answers in Genesis gave a talk there and discussed the present state of the creationist movement and creationist scholarship. Below are two slides from his presentation.

Fairly interesting. These pictures were taken by Jason Rosenhouse (an atheist evolutionist) who wrote several blog post reports as he attended the conference. Interesting perspectives.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Prayer for Fasting

I would never claim to be good at fasting. I don't do it often, and it has been a while since I did it. But when I was doing it more frequently, I wrote a prayer to recite while I was feeling hungry that helped me to focus on what I was doing and why I was doing it. Hope you find it stimulating if not helpful.

Loving Father,

Thank you for these feelings of hunger and weakness.

Meet me now in this discipline. Let me know the joy of your presence as you save me and change me, and as we fellowship together in this place.

Help me now to recall how Christ suffered these feelings for me so I could be saved; how the saints and martyrs suffered and grew in holiness and love; and how the poor and oppressed suffer this way daily through no fault of their own.

Help me to remember these things, Father, so that in this time of fasting I might grow in my awareness of how weak I am, and how dependent I am on your gifts, so that I might value my life with gratitude, contentment and joy.

Help me to remember these things so that I might grow in endurance and ability to deny myself, so that I might better resist temptations of the flesh.

Help me to remember these things so that I might deepen my relationship with you and others, and deepen my obedience to your commands.

And help me to remember these things so that I might grow in spiritual and mental strength, so that I might serve and obey you with greater clarity and resolve.

I ask for all these things as your will for my life through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.