Monday, April 9, 2007

Christology 101

This question is directed more toward our Slavic brothers. I will be teaching Christology in the fall and am trying to figure out which Russian texts would be good to assign the students. Could a few of you recommend some solid texts that might be available beyond the standard chapters in the systematics? Unfortunately, I'm not fluent enough to read Russian in a timely manner so, it would need to be something that is also available in English. I'm not simply asking for a list of books that have been translated from English into Russian, rather, for books that address issues relevant to the Ukrainian culture and context. Your help here will be greatly appreciated.

As a motivator for discussion (since asking for book recommendations is not really a discussion initiator) what are the Christological issues that the Church faces here. Is there such a transcendent focus on Christ's divinity that He isn't seen as one of us. Or do they so emphasize His manhood that He is not thought of or related to as fully God? Because there are questions that have confronted the Church since Its early centuries, I will not accept that answer that these are "western" questions. Что вы думаете?

Monday, April 2, 2007

Getting Started

Well friends, I want to welcome you to our theology blog. I have set things up a certain way, and if we don't like the way it has been done we can change it. At this point, only we can contribute or even see the blog. A password is required, as I understand it, to even read the blog. Some had concerns about students or others reading about some of our ramblings. This is a place where we can discuss issues and interact in a way we wouldn't normally in our classrooms or churches. We can change that if it is not an issue. But we are wanting on a blog to try to capture some of what we have been so blessed to enjoy at the (sometimes) once a month gatherings.

Please any of you feel free to post at any time on any topic. I have started the blog, but I do not intend to do any great monitering or editing, unless absolutely necessary. We can discuss topics we spoke about on Thursday nights, or you can introduce new topics. Hopefully enough of us will have a few moments to respond and interact. The blog will obviously help especially those who want to participate, but who are not in Kiev at the moment.

We will also try to post articles that will be used as the basis for future discussions. So welcome, everyone, and enjoy!